Southside Fire Department



The Southside Fire Department serves the Bonne Bay South area which is comprised of the Towns of Glenburnie, Birchy Head, Shoal Brook (Municipality of GBS) and the Towns of Winterhouse Brook, Woody Point and Curzon Village (Municipality of Woody Point).

The Southside Fire Department holds its regular monthly meeting on the first Sunday of the month and the remaining Sundays are delegated for training exercises.

There are currently 31 volunteer members with the Fire Department.

Fire Chief Glynn Anderson
Deputy Fire Chief Ian Sharpe
Assistant Fire Chief William Coates
Captain Cyril Abbott
Captain Roger Coates
Captain Dexter Upwards
Captain David Caines


Jerry Burden Robert Gambin
Rodney Crocker Jackie Collett
Robert Gillam Derek Burden
Claude Parsons Eddie Samms
George Goosney Tammy Reid
Simeon Parsons Darryl Grice
Gerald Gillam Jacqueline Blanchard
John Gillam Blake Gambin
Benjamin Blanchard Paul Avery
Samantha Culleton Andrew Bursey
Nelson Barnes

Southside Fire Department 

P.O. Box 249
Woody Point, NL
A0K 1P0

For more information please contact the Town Office of Woody Point 453-2273 or the Town Office for Glenburnie-Birchy Head-Shoal Brook 453-7220.

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