Located on the shores of Bonne Bay with stunning ocean views and magnificent mountains. Rich in cultural connections, great location for boating, kayaking, fishing and picnics.

Lomond (Murphy’s Cove former name) was a settlement located southeast of Woody Point. It had a population of 141 in 1940 and 125 in 1956.

In 1895 two brothers from Nova Scotia, John and Scobie McKie built the first commercial steam-powered logging mill at Payne’s Cove (Stanleyville). By 1910 this mill employed 60 men. The St. Lawrence Timber, Pulp, and Steam Ship Company bought the mill in 1916, and relocated to Murphy’s Cove where there was more room for expansion. George Simpson, a native of Scotland and mill manager, renamed Murphy’s Cove as Lomond after the Lomond Hills in Scotland. At the time, the mill was the largest in Newfoundland. The town had all of the necessities, including houses, bunkhouses, a meal hall, a store, a school and vegetable gardens. During its boom Lomond had as many as 500 workers employed there. During World War I a shortage of timber in the United Kingdom forced the mining industry to seek pit props overseas. Newfoundland’s pit prop industry was started and a major project was launched to build a “Million Log Raft”. That is, a huge raft of tree trunks held together with steel bars to be sent across the Atlantic Ocean.

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