Woody Point


The ‘capital’ of the area. Woody Point was the centre of law, government for the West Coast of Newfoundland until the early to mid 1920’s.  It has been known as the “Jersey Room’ owing to the large number of settlers from the Jersey Islands until 1873 when the first post office was opened in the home of J.R. Roberts, the first postmaster.  As the ‘capital’, Woody Point was the entry point for all vessels.  There was a government Bond Store where goods cleared customs and it was located in the waterfront where the fish plant stands today.  In 1922, a fire ripped through the downtown destroying 58 businesses.  This was a devastating blow to the area.  The opening of a pulp and paper mill in Corner Brook in 1925 was also a serious hit to the area and as a result of these two factors, it did not recover its’ former status.  Fortunately for us today, much of the built heritage remains as a link to this time.

Woody Point c. 1900

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