Green Gardens

Green Gardens is a beautiful hike of  4.4 km to the beach at which time you can turn around and head back on the same trail. However, the complete hike is actually about a 15.4km loop that has 7 peaks. The majority of the trail is not regularly maintained by Parks Canada.
The hike begins with a relaxing climb in an open red rock area, not unlike the Tablelands. Once you near the peak of the trail the topography changes into dense pine and birch stands.
After a little hike you will exit the pine trees and arrive in a large grassy field, on top of vertical walls that drop straight into the ocean. This is the most stunning part of the hike and where a majority of people turn around. You can access the beach via a large stair case. Once on the beach there is a massive sea cave to explore, yet make sure the tide is not coming in as you could get trapped in a very dangerous situation.
This area also includes pads for camping on as well as places to light fires. The park encourages the lighting of fires because it helps to clean up the driftwood along the beach. (please do not cut down the trees)
Continuing along the trail you will eventually come to Wallace brook, this brook can either be ankle deep or chest deep depending on the time of year or the amount of rainfall. It is best to check with park officials before completing the full hike as they will know if it is safe or not. Wallace Brook can be a great place to take a refreshing dip at the right time of the year.
After leaving Wallace Brook most of the trail is uphill, but you can see the most magnificent views. Remember that this is a long trail and to make sure you allot enough time to complete it during daylight as the trail can get quite treacherous after dark. Take Care and enjoy everything our wonderful National Park has to offer.




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