Curzon Village

Curzon Village was originally named Crawley’s Cove after the brook which runs through it. This community was renamed for a British man-of-war commander, Sir Curzon-Howe.  Its’ first permanent settler was Michael Eisan from Ship Harbour, Nova Scotia in 1863.  Today, one can see many wharves along the shore, although now there are considerably less wharves now than there was when the Taylor’s established their premises and wharf.  The worldwide Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 came to the area from a Danish three masted schooner which had tied up at taylor’s wharf.  The Captain concealed the fact to those on shore that his sailors were very ill and the disease was contracted by some of the men. The first person to die was a member of the Taylor family.  Many people in Bonne Bay died as a result of the epidemic.

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