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Town of Woody Point
P.O. Box 100
Woody Point, NL
A0K 1P0
Telephone: (709) 453-2273 
Fax: (709) 453-2270
Town Manager/Clerk
Tanya Osmond

Maintenance Department
Roger Coates
Town of Woody Point Councillors
Greg Osmond
Deputy Mayor
Derek Burden
Community Living
John Gillam – Chair
Steve Galliott
Derek Burden
Finance & Administration
Irene Martin – Chair
Terry Young
Steve Galliott
Public Works
Steve Galliott – Chair
Terry Young
Derek Burden
Tim Parsons
Fire Chief
Glynn Anderson
Southside Fire Department  
Emergency Response 453-2100

26 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Dave Stromberg 21 Apr 2010 — 8:33 am

    Hi Guys. Nice job on the web site, looks great!
    See you soon.


  2. Hi – I was hoping someone could provide some info on a place called Howletts Cove, its acorss the water near a place called Glenburnie Birchy Head Shoal Brook. I am most interested in what Howlett family this cove is named after. Best Regards, Wayne

    1. Hi Wayne,

      Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. I will direct you to the Town Council of Glenburnie-Birchy Head-Shoal Brook as they would be more familiar with the area than I would. I have never actually heard of that cove before, sorry. The email address for the town is……hope this helps.

  3. Hi folks! Can you send me Fred Maclean’s email…he is now head of The Legion there. Also, is Charlie doing the Theatre again this summer? We played there last summer and would like to play again. Last I spoke to Charlie he wsn’t sure about summer 2011. Does the town take on any financial obligation towards this theatre? Sure hope so as it’s crucial to any community to have a good theatre experience, especially for visitors…and locals. Out here the locals support theatre and that’s what keeps a place open and running…lessens the cost too…and provides great enjoyment for all. Looking forward to a summerin Woody Point. Cheers~~~Mike at

  4. Thanks! Fred is now working on a date for SharecroppersTrio at Legion. Hopefully new owners of Heriatge Theatre will contact us too.( or
    Congrats on town attaining Registered Heritage District Status and plaque to be installed in May by Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland! Well done, Woody Point. Kathy and I just got our letter yesterday…yes, please send us a copy of Heritage Conservation By-Laws…much appreciated.
    All the best with the ceremony in May! Wish we coukld be there.
    Mike and Kathy Madigan

  5. Linda Yurcich 2 Nov 2011 — 5:29 pm

    My name is Linda Yurcich.
    I live in St Catharines, On

    Apparently some distant family were born and raised in Woody Point.
    As I get older I am more interested in family history.
    My Great Grandmother was born in Woody Point Bonne Bay around 1881.
    Her name was Irene Vincent.
    Her mother was Hannah Galliott.
    Her father (I think) was Andrew Vincent.
    Her mother died when she was 15 and she left to live with relatives in Halifax.
    She married had 4 children (my grandmother) and moved to England
    Around 1909 she returned to NL and married a Mr Cutler and had more children.

    I believe other family names were Shaw, Gilliam, Gormley and a few others.
    Could you help me in locating anyone who migh have information.
    my e mail address is
    Thank you so much


  6. Just looking back at letters here & I see we did contact Fred and we did do a Sharecropper show at the Legion in July!!! (Thanks too, Aiden). Nice turnout and a fine time was had by all. Kathy and I look forward to another summer in Woody Point too and thanks to Leo for cutting the grass and everyone else who helped look after the place in some sort of way. Much appreciated. Gosh, I even drew out the lucky number at the festival dance…and guess whose I drew? Mine! Hope I can do another uglystick workshop next summer. I’ll charge the same! (gratis) Hello to Benjamin and all the other urchins! Mr Mike says hello!!! lol Cheers and have a great Autumn!/winter/Spring!~~~Mike and his better half,Kathy

    1. Thanks Mike and you’re very welcome!!! It was good to have you around town (even if you did draw your own number…rigged I tell ya…rigged…lol)….look forward to seeing you, Kathy and, of course, Scout!!!

  7. Hi there,

    I would like to ask whether the water Shuttle running from Woody Point to Norris Point will start operating this coming May. Yes I have contacted the company but yet received no reply, so I am wondering whether I can get some fast info here….If not, what would be the best way travelling between the places?



    1. Hi Alison,
      I believe the water taxi will be starting up around the end of May. There is also a road that travels around the bay, it is about an hour’s drive from Norris Point to Woody Point.

      Hope this helps,

    2. Yes, the water taxi will begin operation at the end of May and continue through the summer months.

  8. I may be traveling through the area on bike in mid September, is there another way to get across to Norris Point after the water taxi has stopped running for the season? It’s a long way around by bicycle.


    1. HI Mark,
      Unfortunately, once the water taxi stops running, there is no other way except by road. Unless you are able to get a fisherman to bring you across in their own boat. This may be an option for you, let me know via my email if you would consider this and I can contact a local fisherman about it. Email me and we can chat more about it.

      Town Manager

  9. Kathy Lepold-Madigan 20 Sep 2012 — 5:03 pm

    Hi Woody Point, I am wondering if the plan still is for the town council meeting minutes to be posted to this website? And if so, when that will start happening? We had a wonderful time in Woody Point this summer and Mike & I miss being there. We really hope to stay in touch with the town this winter and reading the minutes will help us to be a part of it. Tell Benjamin & Julia that Scout says hi………..

    1. Ack!!! This is on my to-do list!!! I hope to begin posting within the next week or so…I will drop you an email once they are online. Will say Hi for you…take care…

  10. I may be moving to Woody’s Point, but I need to find non-vacation accommodations. Is there any apartments or houses for rent?

    1. What are you looking for? How many bedrooms?

      1. Preferably something private. A 2 bedroom house would be nice, but all I really need is 1 bedroom. I will be moving there around Feb 9th for work. My new supervisor is helping me find something, but your help would also be greatly appreciated.

      2. Nevermind! Found a beautiful place close by. Thank you!

  11. hi im looking for the address or contact for Vincent handicrafts, in a restaurant in woody point. little handmade wooden toys. an email or some sort of info. Im hoping to buy some of the wooden toys for Christmas.

    1. Hi Dan, Vincent Handicrafts is not located in Woody Point but I have contacted a restaurant owner about them. When I hear back from them I will drop you a line.

      Have a great day!

      1. Kathy Lepold-Madigan 19 Nov 2015 — 5:36 pm

        Hi, I think you meant to send this to Clarice.  I do not have her email, so am unable to forward it for you….  Kathy   From: Woody Point NL To: Sent: Thursday, November 19, 2015 10:05 AM Subject: [New comment] Contact Us #yiv8610491019 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv8610491019 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv8610491019 a.yiv8610491019primaryactionlink:link, #yiv8610491019 a.yiv8610491019primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv8610491019 a.yiv8610491019primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv8610491019 a.yiv8610491019primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv8610491019 |

        Woody Point commented: “Hi Dan, Vincent Handicrafts is not located in Woody Point but I have contacted a restaurant owner about them. When I hear back from them I will drop you a line.Have a great day!” | |

  12. linda Yurcich 8 May 2016 — 4:33 pm

    Linda Yurcich from Niagara Falls Ontario
    Trying to gather family history.
    My Great Grandmother : Irene Vincent
    Here mother was a Hannah Galliott (I think).
    I was told there were 2 Galliott sisters.
    Irene moved when she was 15.
    Moved to Halifax Nova Scotia .
    Moved to England during the war and married a Mr George (I think) Elliott.
    Had 4 children in England, one was my grandmother Irene
    Returned to NL and married a Mr Cutler.
    Had 12 children
    They all moved to Ontario around Brantford.
    My e mail address is
    Thanks so much for any info
    I am travelling to NL this summer and would love to connect with or at least see some of the places my family lived

    Linda Y.

  13. I am looking for long term rental in the Woody point area. 1 bedroom is plenty, although I would prefer my own place and not a room in someone’s home. I am open to subletting, depending on price. Please let me know if you are aware of anything like this available for August- September ?
    Thank you for your help.

  14. Harold Andrews 5 Oct 2018 — 8:59 am

    I attended Bonne Bay Central High from 1962 -1967! I have fond memories of our school bus driver, Fred Martin! I assume he’s passed on by now but just wondering if there are family connections still in Woody Point…I remember him as a kind man with huge brown eyes! Guess that’s what I saw most as he looked in the mirror to keep an eye on his student passengers!

    Also I’m wondering about the where abouts of a former classmate, Barbara Legge! Barbara was from Woody Point…I lived in Birchy Head!

    Thanks for any info you can give me!


    1. Hello Harold,

      Fred Martin is still alive and he lives here in Woody Point. I am unsure who Barbara Legge is but I’m sure my husband Greg Osmond could help you out. He went to school here as well though a little bit later. You can send him an email at

      Tanya Osmond
      Town Manager/Clerk
      Town of Woody Point

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