Beautiful Historic Woody Point

Located here in the heart of Gros Morne beautiful Woody Point has gone through some changes in the last few weeks. First we had a massive amount of snow fall through the Christmas season into January, then we were hit with a warm front that caused a lot of rain and some massive flooding. Through a very concentrated effort from many members of our community as well as local businesses we came through it and are again prospering. Our dam is ok(which we were at a risk of loosing due to the flooding and massive debris) we are ok and we must give a huge shout out to 3 T’s, Pike’s Service Station, Clifton Barnes Ltd, The department of Transportation and works and all of the residents from Woody Point and GBS that stepped up and did your part to keep our towns and our residents safe. Thank goodness it is such a beautiful day today. We live in a place where not only  the scenery is beautiful but the people that reside here are truly beautiful inside and out.

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